Top 5 Most Visited Website by Search Traffic (as of 2020)

Yes, that’s the top 5 #mindcontrol websites in the entire world as of 2020 I got from @ahrefs. The global population in this present civilization is about 7.8 billion people. Therefore, we can assume that a remarkably high percentage of people have been on this list, one way or another.

One cannot simply “boycott” these companies. Too late for that. You basically must stop using the internet or your phone if you wanted to be invisible. But if you must, you can do a few things to start minimizing your “footprints”. For instance, you can switch to browsers like Brave, Firefox, or Tor Browsers. They pretty much **BLOCK** a lot of spywares that try to record your **interests** to later play with your mind. Another thing you can do is change your browser preference to use a different search engine other than Google. This is just so you get unbiased search results. I use DuckDuckGo since last year when I do my search. I found out Bill Gates was really female? Maybe fake news. But who cares? You think Wiki cares?

Anyway, I do not want to bore you. My theory is I probably voted even if I was in the Philippines. No not about the election. You know, my fingerprints, my voice, my face, are all digitally in the clouds. I have already “accepted” the tiny and long paragraphs of “Terms of Use” by these companies. They got my vote. But not my mind..

Father of 2 & CEO Minimalist with a maximized potential of having more than I need. So I write, not to convince but to leave my footprints.